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Options for Residential Glass Windows

25 May 2021
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If you're choosing new glass for your windows – whether building a new home or replacing the current panes – you'll have several alternatives besides standard float glass. To discover these other possibilities, read on. Toughened Glass If rooms feature tall, expansive windows, they may require toughened safety glass. Building regulations specify when safety glass must be inserted, depending on a window's overall size and height from the ground. Toughened glass undergoes a treatment whereby it's heated to extreme temperatures before being rapidly cooled. Read More …

Ways Frameless Shower Screens Enhance a Bathroom

25 January 2021
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If you're trying to decide what type of shower to install during a bathroom remodel, why not go with frameless shower screens? They'll enhance a bathroom in several ways, as explained below. Airy Design Frameless shower screens create an airy design and allow you to see all corners of the room.  Even though the glass panels create tall walls containing splashing water, they don't give a heavy effect because they're so unobtrusive and minimal. Read More …

Why You Have Different Types of Glass in Your Car

12 October 2020
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Did you know that your vehicle may be equipped with two entirely different types of glass? Or to be more specific, your car or truck may have windows that are made using a very specific technique to protect you in the event of an accident. What are these two different types, and how are they designed to protect you? Tempering Process The windows fitted to the side and rear of your car will usually be made using a tempering process. Read More …

Decorative Aspects of Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

13 July 2020
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Decorating a small kitchen is arguably one of the most challenging projects any homeowner can undertake. Other than the many appliances that make a kitchen look cluttered, small kitchens are not well-lit, thereby limiting decorating ideas. That said, you cannot go wrong with glass splashbacks. Not only are glass splashbacks functional, but they also keep a kitchen looking sparkling clean. Besides, glass splashbacks can transform a plain kitchen into an exciting and refreshing space. Read More …

Factors to Consider When Choosing Shower Screens

24 February 2020
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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. In any given day, you are bound to visit the bathroom at least once or twice. It is, therefore, necessary to carefully choose attractive and durable fittings that match the design of your house. Here are some basic factors to consider when choosing shower screens for your bathroom. Bathroom Size If you have a small bathroom, you should chooser a shower screen that has a clear glass. Read More …

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