Why You Have Different Types of Glass in Your Car

Why You Have Different Types of Glass in Your Car

12 October 2020
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Did you know that your vehicle may be equipped with two entirely different types of glass? Or to be more specific, your car or truck may have windows that are made using a very specific technique to protect you in the event of an accident. What are these two different types, and how are they designed to protect you?

Tempering Process

The windows fitted to the side and rear of your car will usually be made using a tempering process. When the glass is made, it will be rapidly heated and cooled, and this will make it stronger and harder than conventional glass. It will also deform in a very specific way if it is broken. It'll break into small, pebble-like pieces without any sharp edges to protect the passengers on the inside of the vehicle. The glass may shatter into hundreds of pieces and fall to the floor, but this is not the case when it comes to the windscreen itself.

Lamination Process

This screen is made using a process known as lamination. Here, two entirely separate pieces of glass are brought together with a piece of transparent plastic in between them. During the manufacturing process, high pressures and extreme heat are used to pull all these pieces together into one unit. The windscreen can then be carefully fitted into the frame of the vehicle to provide maximum protection.

Remaining Intact

If the screen is struck by an errant stone, then it will either chip or crack. However, the inner screen is likely to remain intact, as it is protected by that sheet of plastic in the middle. Your windscreen will not break into sharp shards of glass, either, and will always remain largely in place in the event of anything other than a major accident. This type of design ensures that there is no danger to the occupants during a front-end collision.


There are other benefits, as well. For example, the screen is far more likely to chip than crack, and in this case, it can be repaired. So long as the chip is not significant, in front of the driver's eyeline, or near to the edge, then it can generally be repaired.

Finding out

However, you will always need to ask an experienced technician first and get them to take a good look at the damage. If it can be repaired, then they will do so, or they will replace the glass as needed.

To learn more, contact a windscreen replacement company.

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