Glass Replacement Tips

Glass Replacement Tips

4 August 2023
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Glass is an essential element of any building. It not only enhances aesthetics but also improves the structure's functionality. There are several reasons to replace glass in your house. For instance, it could be broken, or you might want an upgrade. Regardless, follow these tips when conducting glass replacement works. 

Prioritise Safety

Safety is vital when replacing glass. Many homeowners are tempted to replace glass by themselves. It is especially so since the internet has many DIY guides on glass replacement. However, you should always hire an experienced glazier to replace the glass. Glaziers have the training and equipment to safely remove and dispose of broken glass. Besides, they are best suited to handle large glass panels you cannot lift alone. When hiring a glazier, check out the following things.

  • Assess internet reviews to know whether previous clients were confident with the glazier's work. These reviews can also give insights into the glazier's customer service protocols and dispute resolution mechanisms.
  • Evaluate the glazier's availability. Remember, glass replacement could be an emergency. For example, consider a case where a bedroom or bathroom window breaks.
  • In some cases, you might need a glazier with manufacturer accreditation. It happens when the glass you intend to replace has a manufacturer's warranty.
  • Assess the safety protocols observed by the glazier. For instance, do they have protective gear? Does the glazier have adequate insurance?
  • Your preferred glazier should have reasonably priced services. Moreover, they should offer guarantees on their work.

Consider Upgrades

Glass replacement provides homeowners with a unique opportunity to conduct glass upgrades. For instance, when replacing the glass on your front door, you could consider tinted glass to prevent people from peeping inside your home. On the other hand, when replacing window panels, you could opt for double-glazed glass panels with high energy efficiency. It is a sure way to reduce your home's reliance on the AC system. You could consider security glass panels if you live in an area with high crime levels. These panels are reinforced to withstand massive impact. Some are also bulletproof. These glass panels are also an ideal choice for people who live in areas prone to storms and fires since they do not crack easily. Suppose you live in a noisy neighbourhood; you might want to consider acoustic glass to soundproof your home. Your glazier could also recommend additional installation to improve the functionality of your windows. For example, they could install gaskets to prevent heat loss. 

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