Ways Frameless Shower Screens Enhance a Bathroom

Ways Frameless Shower Screens Enhance a Bathroom

25 January 2021
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If you're trying to decide what type of shower to install during a bathroom remodel, why not go with frameless shower screens? They'll enhance a bathroom in several ways, as explained below.

Airy Design

Frameless shower screens create an airy design and allow you to see all corners of the room.  Even though the glass panels create tall walls containing splashing water, they don't give a heavy effect because they're so unobtrusive and minimal. These screens don't feature heavy framing along the top that can feel overbearing. 

Light Reflective 

Another way frameless glass screens enhance a room is by reflecting light about the place, making it brighter. This extra illumination is helpful as bathrooms often have small or frosted windows to block the outside view and offer privacy. As a result, bathrooms tend to feel dark and unwelcoming. Shiny reflective glass screens help to make the most of what daylight the room does have. Also, when showering, you'll be able to see clearly without shower curtains that block light flow.

Sleek Style Statement

Frameless glass showers create a sleek, stylish design statement. Because the smooth screens are minimal without substantial framing, they'll produce a chic modern look. If you're trying to get rid of visual clutter and create a calm, Zen space, then frameless screens are ideal.

Emphasise Tiling

Frameless screens are the perfect accompaniment to a beautiful tiling display. Being transparent, they show off natural stone or ceramic tiles to the full. The design won't feature metal frames that distract attention from the colours and textures across the shower walls and floor. Nor will the frameless structure have heavy curtains that ruin the view. Thus, whether you install ivory travertine or pearlescent porcelain tiles, you'll get full value out of the investment.

Sparkling Clean

Frameless shower screens are easier to clean than both framed screens and shower curtains. As a result, your shower will be more sparkling clean and fresh. The glass is easy to wipe over with a microfibre cloth or cleanser as recommended by the installer. Metal framing, though, provides crevices that capture grime and mildew, and thus the more frame your shower has, the harder it will be to clean. Frameless screens are also more straightforward to clean than shower curtains that become damp and grow mould and mildew, creating a hygiene hazard in the home. Thus, framed enclosures and shower curtains will often look grimier as they'll capture more debris and offer a greater cleaning challenge.

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