Decorative Aspects of Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Decorative Aspects of Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

13 July 2020
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Decorating a small kitchen is arguably one of the most challenging projects any homeowner can undertake. Other than the many appliances that make a kitchen look cluttered, small kitchens are not well-lit, thereby limiting decorating ideas. That said, you cannot go wrong with glass splashbacks. Not only are glass splashbacks functional, but they also keep a kitchen looking sparkling clean. Besides, glass splashbacks can transform a plain kitchen into an exciting and refreshing space. This article highlights the decorative aspects of glass kitchen splashbacks.

Durable Colour Choices

Any decorative element you want to add to your kitchen should provide a variety of colour choices. While wall tiles are available in many colours, the coloured surfaces tend to fade fast. However, this is something you do not have to worry when using glass splashbacks. Thanks to advancements in glass technology, it is easy to add different pigments to the glass to achieve the desired colour spectrum. Consequently, glass splashbacks are available in a variety of colours, and this allows you to match your kitchen's overall décor — style and theme.

Luxurious Look

It is challenging to achieve an expensive look in a kitchen with conventional materials such as stone and tiles. However, glass does not struggle in this department. Notably, glass splashbacks exude luxury, which makes them the best decorative element for a small kitchen. The best part is that most people equate the luxurious and elegant look of a glass splashback to an expensive addition, but it is not the case since glass is affordable. Besides, the reflective surface of glass allows natural light to bounce off, thereby making it the perfect addition to a poorly lit kitchen.

Textured Variety

While the availability of glass splashbacks in a variety of colours gives homeowners room to play around with their kitchen décor, it is not enough. Glass splashback manufacturers have gone the extra mile to make textured options available to consumers. One advantage with textured glass splashback is that there is no end to experimentation with designs. For example, while you can buy a splashback that is already textured, it is possible to choose a plain glass splashback and ask a manufacturer to etch a personalised design. If your kitchen wall has tiles with floral motifs, you can have the same floral design engraved on your glass kitchen splashback. That said, remember to keep textured splashbacks away from stoves because fumes tend to stain the glass.

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