Are Frameless Shower Screens Safe for Children?

Are Frameless Shower Screens Safe for Children?

11 February 2020
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Are you about to renovate your bathroom? If so, then you are probably in the process of choosing an appropriate design for your bathroom. If you have young children, your design choices should also factor in their comfort and safety. In regards to shower screens, frameless glass shower screens are a good choice if you are going for a modern look.

However, just how safe are frameless shower screens when it comes to children? You might be pleasantly surprised.

Tempered Glass Won't Shatter Into Sharp Pieces

Installing standing sheets of glass in a bathroom that children will be using might seem risky, but frameless shower screens aren't like your typical window pane. There are some very important differences between frameless shower screen glass and windowpane glass. Your average windowpane is made from annealed glass. Annealed glass shatters easily and breaks into sharp pieces.

However, as per Australian law, both frameless and framed glass shower screens are composed of tempered glass. Tempered glass is around four times stronger than annealed glass. And more importantly, even if it does shatter due to a heavy impact, it will shatter into blunt, blocky pieces that won't cut your children.

Frameless Glass Shower Screens Have No Sharp Edges

The edges of frameless glass shower screens are smooth and seamless. This means that there will be no chance of your children cutting themselves when opening and closing the shower screen. Moreover, even if the edge of a glass shower screen does chip, the edges will be blunt and thus will not cause injury.

The same is not true for framed glass shower screens, however. The metal fittings on these shower screens will eventually corrode and break down. This will lead to sharp or jagged edges that could cause your child an injury as they open or close the shower screen door.

Frameless Glass Shower Screens Are Highly Customizable

Unlike framed glass shower screens, which are limited in how you can place them, frameless glass shower screens are highly customizable. If you are worried that your children might run into the glass screen, you can factor this possibility into the design. For instance, you can create a folding frameless shower screen door that you can fold away when it is not in use.

The options for customization are limited only by the design of your bathroom. If you are considering adding a touch of modern style to your bathroom with a frameless glass shower screen, you can do so without worrying about the safety of your children.

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