How To Make Your Kitchen Look Good While Keeping It Simple To Clean

How To Make Your Kitchen Look Good While Keeping It Simple To Clean

6 February 2020
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Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in the whole house. They fill a very active role, which means they have to be functional, but most people also want their kitchen to look appealing for guests and themselves, as it is one of the rooms that likely gets the most foot traffic in the whole house. So how do you keep a room looking good while keeping it easy to clean after a big night of use? Well here are a few simple ideas to point you in the right direction.

Glass Splash Backs

Everyone hates accidentally getting food onto every single surface in the kitchen, but that is just something that happens when preparing for a meal. The trouble is that many surfaces that aren't purpose-built for heavy-duty wear and tear can stain, including the walls around your kitchen. Glass splashbacks do not stain and are virtually non-stick, which means they are extremely easy to clean when you inevitably spray some food or liquid on them. Glass splashbacks also look incredible and can be personalised in so many ways from beautiful patterns to painted designs. If you want a taste of luxury and practicality, glass splashbacks are the route you should take. Contact a supplier that carries glass splashbacks to learn more.

Cabinets To The Floor

The trouble with many kitchen cabinets is that they stop a few inches or centimetres above the ground. This creates an awkwardly spaced area that is just perfect for food scraps to fall into and become forgotten about. While that might seem like it isn't such a big deal, as it is not visible to the average person anyway, it can attract insects that certainly are visible. Search for solid cabinets that go all the way to the floor and avoid ones with small cracks and nooks and crannies that can be traps for anything small enough to fit in it. 

Spray Faucets

With the rise of the minimalistic aesthetic, spray faucets became quite common features in many kitchens when they used to be reserved for commercial kitchens. Luckily this aesthetic choice also turned out to be a great practical feature that makes doing the dishes and cleaning the surfaces around the sink very easy. Spray faucets come in a range of sizes and colours, but look for one that doesn't go overboard. You want something that fits the laid-back but practical look of your kitchen, so don't just choose based on power alone. 

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