Find the Perfect Glass Door Design for Your New Home

Find the Perfect Glass Door Design for Your New Home

22 January 2020
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Glass has quickly become the adopted choice for many architectural features in modern homes. It's easy to see why because, unlike traditional materials, glass brings improved lighting, better aesthetics and better views. Along the same lines, glass is resistant to chemicals, won't rust and is impervious to insects. Glass doors also come in a refreshing range of styles, from sandblasted and frosted finishes to tinted glass. Although they come in these many offerings, you still have to pick the right design for your home. Here are the most common ones.

Hinged Single Doors

Hinged single doors, also known as passage doors, are the most common type of doors, with a swivelling hinge and one side affixed to the door frame. A glass hinged door opens inwards or outwards and can, therefore, be used for external as well as internal use. The hinged door requires a lot of space, unlike the sliding doors or pivot doors below.

French Doors

French doors are basically a pair of single-hinged doors fastened on either end that meet at the centre. Although they were traditionally made from wood by the French, they are nowadays crafted from any material.

Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors offer a brilliant solution to any home. The door has a neat closing mechanism that allows a series of panels to be hinged together and to fold into each other when open and that closes into a tidy seal when stretched. The folding mechanism optimizes space, allowing the doors to be used for narrow as well as wide utility room applications. The best examples where bi-fold style doors can be used are the closet and kitchen.

Pivot Doors

A pivot door is a simple-looking door that is hinged at the top and bottom either at the centre or a bit off from center, creating a minimalistic look for modern-day door structures. These doors eliminate the need for frame and floor installations and require only two metal plates at the top and bottom. The pivot door sits across both sides when open and will require less space than bi-fold, French or single-hinged doors.

Sliding Doors

Unlike most other doors, sliding doors do not swing outwards or inwards but rather move along a track in a sideways motion. Commonly used in bedrooms or the closet, sliding doors are ideal for locations with a large opening, as they maximise your view of the outside and offer a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Sliding doors use space economically, but only the slid part of the door is accessible at a time.

Different types of glass door designs present a variety of features that can be beneficial for different doors in your home. The options discussed above will hopefully make the decision easier for you.

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