Benefits of shower screens

Benefits of shower screens

16 January 2020
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The bathroom is an intimate space where you get to start your day or unwind after a long day at work. And since you will be spending time every day in the bathroom, it's only fair that you invest in its appearance.

Bathrooms are often neglected during renovations, but they can be much more than just a place to shower. You can start by using shower screens to enhance the design of your bathroom. Shower screens give the bathroom a luxurious and spacious feel.

Other benefits include:


Shower screens add a certain element of design to your bathroom. The space looks sleek, chic and polished. It also feels refined and looks like there is extra space. If you're going for a classy look, you can choose frameless glass shower screens. These screens will add that high-end finish that you desire.  

Frameless glass shower screens are attractive as they are made entirely of glass. They are translucent, and since they don't have metal frames, they will not show signs of rust. The frameless design makes it look attractive and presents the glass as the primary focal point.

It gives the bathroom a sleek look that blends well with modern designs. The glass has a streamlined appearance that gives the feeling of being in a spa. Shower screens allow for customisation. This means you can choose whether you want sliding doors, multiple panes of glass, frameless glass, clear glass or textured or coloured glass. All these options help improve the appearance and feel of your bathroom.

Easy to clean

Bathrooms with shower screens are easier to clean, especially if you've installed the frameless shower screens. However, this doesn't excuse you from regular cleaning and maintenance. The shower screens need a deep clean at least once or twice every month.

Unlike framed shower screens that provide a breeding ground for micro-organisms, frameless shower screens are more hygienic. They don't have metal frames; thus, you can clean anytime you want without worrying about rust. In addition, frameless shower screens are non-porous, and thus they don't form soap stains.

Better lighting

Shower screens allow light into the bathroom, which means you don't need to invest in additional lighting. If the bathroom is positioned that it gets sufficient natural light, the brighter view from the shower screens will give the illusion of a cleaner room.

Can be customised

Shower enclosures typically come in one design, especially shower curtains. They limit the level of customisation. However, shower screens allow you to customise the design according to your needs. This works better for homeowners that are renovating as the shower screens can fit into almost any design.

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